Shop Windows

We had an afternoon spent in town and you can see what everyone is gearing up for….

The Lerwick 2020 Up Helly Aa.

Just about every shop window was decorated accordingly.

The street was, as usual, deserted – Commercial Street on a Saturday afternoon, seriously?

No, my bad, a few more folk appeared.

And there were a few different approaches on the Up Helly Aa theme.

“Vikings” in every guise.

This shop won my vote – for a female viking warrior (at last), of which archaeological studies show existed, though it is a pity she is shown knitting (makkin’ belt, knitting needles and knitting) as it was more likely she was fighting alongside the men.

Anywho, a nice afternoon in town – and Floss and enjoyed our afternoon off. A change is as good as a rest.

1 thought on “Shop Windows

  1. Kerry

    I am a great admirer of the Viking Sword Maidens.
    Will just miss this year’s fun as we arrive on next Thursday’s ferry to start our move. And as part of our logistics soon realised that the last Wednesday in January is a Public Holiday to allow everyone some “quiet” time after the Tuesday evening fun. Enjoy


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