This Afternoon

Lambie (to himself):  Shall I, shan’t I come in?
Me:  In or out, please….

Lambie:  I’m still thinking, Muzzah!
Me: I am not a doorman.  In or out. You choose. Be quick!

Lambie: I quite like the idea of going in.
Me: FFS, Come in! Lambie 1….2……3…. I promise I will shut this door!

Lambie (to my friend, Monika): You’re new! Do I know you?  I think not.  (Nice jersey, by the way. Pure wool? I hope so!)

Lambie:  I need to think about this. I hate change of any sort and you (Monika) are in my spot, so you know!

BeAnne: Lambie just leave me alone. That’s all I ask.

Monika: Hello, Lambie!  Nice to meet you.
Lambie:  So, you want to talk to me, do you?

Lambie (after some thought): I agree, it is very nice to meet me!  You are honoured.

Lambie: And I shall now try you out on my Winning Smile. I shall gaze into your eyes and you will be under my spell.

Lambie: Are you under my spell, yet?

Monika: You are a very Handsome Sheep with a Winning Smile!
Lambie: You want to open the Biscuit Tin! You are in my power!

And that is exactly how it was this afternoon.

3 thoughts on “This Afternoon

  1. Celeste

    oh, I know that wining smile all too well! Humans are powerless when Lambie does that. So cute, so charming, such a determined little guy! Impossible not to love him and obey.


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