Feral Brat Stage

Sóley-the-Foalie is going through her Feral Brat Stage. What with having to put drops in her eye when it got hurt (after a storm), she appears to have completely forgotten what hoomans are for and how nice we can be preferring to dance about on the other side of her Mum or run away.  It was boring.

So I put Flossie on the job of getting little Miss S to talk to her.  They used to be such good friends.

Floss fills her pockets up with little carrot batons (lovingly chopped) and off she goes chanting the mantra “if you talk to me, I will feed you carrots”.

A few days later and Floss now has Sóley’s attention.

She is working her magic.  Well done Floss!

And then next week I think we will be back with “say hello to Mr Headcollar” because I really can’t be doing with this.  Sóley was doing so well before the eye thing.

Luckily both her mother and her sister are huge fans of carrots, headcollars and all things hooman.

She is a big girl too.  Nearly as big as her sister.

And like sisters, they argue quite a lot.  They are both very determined.


1 thought on “Feral Brat Stage

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Hoorah for Flossie and making a slight transition back to”humans”. Silly girl (Soley, not Flossie).


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