Sheeple Model Making

My mother is a sculptor. Her medium is porcelain, perhaps not cotton wool, wire and pipe-cleaners!

So today she showed me how to make sheep for my animation projects.

This is her creation.  We also practised making sheep heads.

It was interesting “crafting”:  not something I do if I can help it as I have absolutely no artistic talent at all.  Mum is much better than me at it and she managed to rescue my rather lumpy efforts and turn it into something respectable.

I made the sheep on the right. He is slightly bigger and has Lambie’s stripes legs (well that’s what I wanted to achieve).

So that’s what we did today. We made sheeple.  Once dried, we will paint them, I think.

My new little flock of sheep.

7 thoughts on “Sheeple Model Making

  1. Dona

    Wonderful sheep, Frances. You & your mother are very talented! And her home & garden are lovely.
    She needs more live sheep & horses. (Joke) I am back home in California. Brought the Shetland rain with me, a good thing for our drought.

  2. Margaret Robinson

    I can see from you Mother’s talent that you have developed talents yourself – perhaps with a camera. You did more than respectable with your first Sheeples! By-the-by, you look like your Mother, a high compliment because she’s beautiful!

  3. diane in northern wis

    Love your new sheep….especially the one with the Lambie legs!!! Wish your first two pics hadn’t been upside down….but I think I saw most of those! Enjoy your time there!

  4. Mary C McNamara

    I LOVE the sheeples. It will be interesting to see them painted BUT I like them just the way they are. crafting is good mental health exercise. Enjoy.


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