At My Childhood Home

South is very different from north. The sun shines, there is not a cloud in the sky and I am back wearing my summer clothes.  Most odd. I am not used to this outside warmth.

Teddy, my mother’s little dog is wonderful and very similar to Her Maj, BeAnne.  They could be related.  Luckily they’re not. Sometime I think I should bring her with me but in my heart I know she would hate the trip and then probably hate Teddy too.  These days she is not sociable.

Mum’s garden looks beautiful in the Autumn light.

There are lots of trees so the changing colours are stunning.

There are a few flowers are about.  The roses are just about over now.

Mum is busy putting the garden to bed in time for winter.

I just popped out onto the surrounding golfcourse to watch the sun set behind the trees and I saw two roe deer quietly grazing totally oblivious to either myself or two oncoming golfers.  Most extraordinary.  They are unphased by people.

I imagine all my animals here and then I quickly stop as I realise Lambie wouldn’t like Wokingham High Street and then I panic thinking about the Minions eating Mum’s beautiful garden!




6 thoughts on “At My Childhood Home

  1. Sam

    Funny how much the sun and sky can change in different places. Your Mum’s garden is lovely! Glad you have a small pup to hang out with.

  2. Margaret Robinson

    These are beautiful photos! I cannot believe one person can do all the work required to keep the garden(s) this lovely but it’s an English gene! I fear. If I touch something in our yard it turns brown and usually dies. Your pictures are truly stunning and on such a weird weather day here – humidity (which we never have) and overcast skies like rain is imminent, but isn’t – it’s nice to view these photos.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Beautiful pictures at your mom’s place, Frances. Enjoy your time there. Bask in the sunshine and enjoy those gorgeous flowers and colorful leaves! Enjoy your mom too!

  4. Doris

    Beautiful garden and pictures!
    I love your blogs so much!!
    I am on my way north to North Frisia at the moment from my childhood home in the south…

  5. Linda

    Your mum has such a gorgeous garden – quintessentially English!
    (and I bet you’re right about BeAnn; as some dogs get older they get a little cranky…)


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