Went Out

Mum and I ventured out today.  We drove to a superb pick-your-own vegetable place that also has a farm shop.

I kept thinking that I should have been working at Turriefield this week as I measured ourselves a portion of carrots, spinach and sweet corn, all freshly picked.

Afterwards we went exploring to a local craft village and bought some supplies for my animation venture – mostly felt and glue and we have been making flowers all afternoon.

Before we went home, we dropped in at the next door garden centre where Christmas seems to have arrived.

I was quite shocked, to be honest. I mean it is only the beginning of October for crying out loud.

Having said that, it was quite an impressive display with some nice animated animals with no carols playing in the background, which was encouraging, though I did feel sorry for the dying fauns (I think they just weren’t plugged in).

1 thought on “Went Out

  1. Sam

    Good grief – holiday decorations already?!?!? The plush animals are lovely but let’s stop rushing every season! Can’t wait to see what you and Mum are crafting.


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