Best Mother Ever

We visited Hetja and ?♂ today.


Hetja would have nothing to do with us last time but today she came storming up to us demanding payment if we wanted to talk to her beautiful perfect son.


We had stupidly come empty handed so, after a cursory sniff of us, she stormed off again taking her boy with her.

Note:  Next time bring carrots.


I went and stood in the field by myself and Hetja soon returned.  She approached me slowly and cautiously, pretending to eat but never actually taking her eyes off me.  I, in return, kept my shoulders sloped and looked at the ground, hopefully showing her I was no threat to either of them.

L1170188 L1170189 L1170192

I was rewarded for my patience and she brought him back although we did not talk.  The little colt is very inquisitive and I think it won’t be soon before we make friends.


I have always thought Hetja would make the best mother.  She adores her son and he knows this and takes a few liberties like walking underneath her and rubbing his back on her belly!


We didn’t want to outstay our welcome, so I put out a bucket with a Himalayan salt lick (only the best) and left Mother and Son to it.



Exciting times ahead……

6 thoughts on “Best Mother Ever

  1. Linda

    These are just the best, Frances! (and Himalayan salt – you DO spoil your “kids” – but don’t we all?)

  2. Terri

    These photos are precious! When will he be named? (and how does one go about choosing a proper one?)
    Such a darlin’ lil’ fella! (and slender like his mum)


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