Sea Monster(s)

Anna here!

After having limited success riding Andy in the Ocean a few days ago, Frances suggested I take Haakon today as he adores swimming. He likes to investigate first and then play with the sea water.


After that, I dismounted and lead him in to show him all was safe, i.e. if I could stand in the water, so could he.  He happily followed me. What a good boy!


Then BeAnne showed him how it was done (she is our instant expert for everything).


So we took the plunge….


Haakon was in heaven. He kept bobbing his head under water in a manner resembling a submarine, then popping up again for more air.


You can see we are both smiling.


He was truly having a wonderful swim and so was I.

L1100554 L1100555  L1100558 L1100569 L1100572

Next it was into the Norby loch for some warmer water, where we happily splashed about.


Frances then sat in the water holding onto Haakon while Daisy and I went for a swim.


Today was Shetland heaven (and yes, that is BeAnne’s perfectly formed bottom on the bank!)

3 thoughts on “Sea Monster(s)

  1. meg

    first glance at the first photo i was starting to wonder if you had expanded the gang with a fjord horse 🙂
    Lovely images, thank you guys for sharing!

  2. Deb Twomey

    What fun for you, Anna. Swimming on horseback is also on my bucketlist…but I am 62 so I better hurray up!!
    Beautiful pictures of everyone


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