Fucket List No 2

Some people have a Bucket List.

I have a Fucket List.  This consists of things I should not do because someone has said it is not a good idea but I really, really want to…..

1.  Ride my stallion, Taktur (did that a few months’ back)
2.  Take Haakon swimming (this involves bareback riding which is not my strong point).

So today, inspired by Anna on Haakon yesterday in the water, I made my mind up that I would do this because there would never be such a lovely day again and the water would never be so warm either.

The farmer next to Norby loch had very kindly said I could park the Land Rover and trailer in his farmyard next to the loch.  This made life much easier.

And so we went into the loch.  It was beautifully warm.


BeAnne was determined to follow me.  She has to (when it suits) and was looking like she had bitten off more than she could chew (i.e. drown) so we popped her on Haakon’s back too.  She liked that, until she fell off and so we gave her to my OH standing on the bank who was in charge of photos.


I was happy.

L1100631      L1100642

Haakon was fantastic.  He knew I was very wobbly bareback as I clung helplessly to his mane praying he wouldn’t do anything horrid or scary.  And he didn’t.


We just swum along and it was so smooth and perfect.


(apologies for the moronic face – I was catching flies!)


Afterwards I let Daisy have a shot on Haakon.  She had brought Iacs back to dry land as he was not keen on this water thing.

L1100634  L1100688L1100679 L1100690 L1100691

Swimming on my horse has to go down as one of the best things I have ever done.

5 thoughts on “Fucket List No 2

  1. Cate

    I love how Haakon seems to love to get his nose in the water, whether it’s fresh or salt. Maybe he’s got fish genes?? 😀

    So good to see you having a ball! 🙂

  2. Linda

    WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL!! Best Summer photos I’ve ever seen, and here’s to the Fucket List! (you never know until you try, right?)


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