All Together Now

An early blog today as I have a riding lesson this evening with Hamish Cameron – very excited.

Anywho, yesterday I took a deep breath, stopped being an over-protective mother, and let The Minions join The Big Boys in the large field.


I was waiting for explosions and politics and there was absolutely none.  Nada.  Not a dicky bird.

The Icelandic horses just looked up, gave them a nod and that was that.

So much for my worries.


I went out to see everyone this morning especially to see if The Minions still loved their dear old mum and yes, they did.  Phew.  I would hate them to change (back to my over-protective status).

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That is my hat that was having its usual investigation.


The boys are still testing and playing….


And everyone seems very tolerant of them.


I am sure The Minions are much better off in one big herd.  There are 11 horses and ponies in this field now – a mixture of Shetland ponies, Icelandic horses and a Welsh Section A.


If you are wondering where Taktur is, he is busy with Hetja.  Yup, the wedding was finally consummated and now they are living together in married bliss.  

I don’t think anyone is missing the frustrated bachelor, to be honest.


1 thought on “All Together Now

  1. Linda

    Glad to see everyone is one big happy family now! (and kudos for the tactful update on the newlyweds…)


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