Running Down the Hill

Daisy asked me to help her move her horses over to their favourite field.

So I grabbed my camera, opened the relevant gates, walked down the hill to a good spot and waited.

Efstur and Dreki were the first to arrive.

They quickly ran down the hill – Dreki, the flying dragon!

Efstur had a lovely little bunchy-bottom canter.

Taktur was escorted by Daisy because he is a known idiot with form who is easily distracted by poo piles and then goes the wrong way which can result in panicking, running up and down the fence, threatening to go through it (he doesn’t jump).

Kappi kindly waited for his idiot of a friend.

They then galloped down the hill.

At full speed!

There was muchos prancing about the place.

Taktur spent a brief moment surveying his new-to-him-in-a-while Kingdom.

The others continued to prance about.

The stallion moment didn’t last long and Taktur quickly galloped off.

Back up the hill.

They all wanted to meet up over the fence.

Dreki was soon bored and mooched off again.

Quickly followed by Efstur.

Iacs and Klængur looked on like Statler and Waldorf.

And Haakon remembered why he hated them all – you can almost hear him saying “good riddance”.  Taktur bullied him horribly which is why they are always split up.

More prancing and exploring and Taktur forgot how to jump the stream so he stood looking a bit Billy No Mates!

So that’s some horses moved.

4 thoughts on “Running Down the Hill

  1. Sam

    What a Comedy of Horses you live with. Love the romping and Statler & Wardoff shot.
    I see why Daisy wanted help….

  2. diane in northern wis

    Those are some seriously beautiful pics today Frances, of everybody running every which way.
    I love them and love your commentary too. Such beautiful horses.


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