Horses first, then Birds

Another lovely ride on Iacs this morning with Daisy on Efstur.

Then out on Klængur (who appeared to be on a cocktail of hallucinatory drugs combined with adrenaline – I got off and walked home humming “Brave Sir Robin” to myself) with Daisy onTaktur.   Taktur remained his usual calm self while Klængur’s brain spontaneously combusted. Daisy and I have no idea what was going on.

After a quick lunch, and it was quite late for me, I went to check on the girls, Hetja and Brá (the Minions had been done earlier) who live in a good hill-park a few miles away.


I even climbed a bit of the hill, to give Brá her carrot.  There was a good view of Sandness looking over to Papa Stour with Eshaness in the distance.

Both ladies are very well and very happy.  This is a perfect field for them.

I had been told of some long-tailed ducks who had taken up residence nearby so I drove down to the beach, hoping to see them.

No luck, but I saw a Great Northern Diver from a great distance.


A guillemot in it’s winter plumage

and a shag a bit closer.


(and yes, I had to ask an expert to identify the birds for me! – I hadn’t a clue.)

I will return to look for the long-tailed ducks another day.  I quite like the idea of them and they  are rather smart from other folk’s photos.

Long Tailed Ducks © Richard Riley

And as for Klængur, the weather is turning now after some beautiful calm days, so he can have a rest and think about things. Maybe he will calm down.  Let’s hope so. He was very “high”.


3 thoughts on “Horses first, then Birds

  1. Sam

    Could Klaengur have been excited by the sun and calm winds?
    How are Bra and Hetja doing in a fiedl by themselves? Lovely ducks.

    1. Frances Post author

      B & H are very happy, settled, fat and fine.
      Klaengur was full of adrenaline. Nothing scary. We just don’t know.

  2. Lisa

    “…(who appeared to be on a cocktail of hallucinatory drugs combined with adrenaline – ” HA! I burst out laughing when I read this! Yahoo! I have a high adrenaline horse, too! : )


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