Long Tailed Duckies

Since I found out that there were long tailed ducks at our local beach, I have wanted to see them for myself.

So, yesterday, armed with my camera, after checking the girls, I went to look for long tailed ducks or Clangula hyemalis as they are known to their posh friends.

Please excuse the quality of the photos – they were a way off in the distance.

Long tailed ducks are a total delight. I was entranced and have now given them the honour of being on my Top Ten bird list.

They also quack when they’re flying which was very good value.  A proper duck. None of this silent Muscovy judgement!

The light was going fast but I was pleased I had seen the ducks and I also had the beach to myself too, which is always good.  I get very territorial about “sharing” an empty beach.

Feeling very pleased with my photographic achievement, I drove home with the car window open in case I could see a rather pudgy winter-coated Mountain hare in the scattald (hill).  Like Monster, they rather stick out this time of year.

This is where the hare sits most afternoons.    I think it is the front door to his “nest”. Apparently they don’t burrow.

A rare glimpse of Fair Isle on the way back (about 45 miles away).  It was very clear and we don’t see the island very often.

Happy little sheeple faces greeted me when I got home (Madge is behind, biding her time before her biscuit begging!)

5 thoughts on “Long Tailed Duckies

  1. Sam

    Lovely long tail duckies. Just Mallards and Canadian Geese in the marsh near me.
    And I get the not wanting to share an empty beach.
    But those “starving” Sheeple are cute.

  2. Dee Savage

    Frances, you are such an amazing photographer. I so enjoy reading your posts and looking at the marvelous pictures. And I love your sense of humor. Reading your blog is one of the highlights of my day. Many thanks for sharing your life with all of us.

  3. Amy Norris

    Oh my goodness, Frances. These pictures are just the medicine I needed today. The long-tailed ducks are both beautiful — and a bit Dr. Seuss-like. The first picture of the beach, with the sun just going down, fills my heart with love and joy. The hare is positively magical — like a creature from another world. (Also what I think of Monster!!!) And there is nothing like your sheeple faces to bring a smile to my face. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your posts are balm for my soul.

  4. diane in northern wis

    I love your pics of ducks and the white bunny….but especially that last one of the sheep. so sweet.

  5. Highmac

    Frances – wonderful pix, as always, but that sunset (No 7) is absolutely amazing. For me, jawdropping is not an exaggeration as it just stopped me in my tracks.


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