I gave Flossie a riding lesson on Iacs, aka Mr Bimble.  He was happy enough walking and trotting around the indoor school like a goldfish – every circuit was new.  We concentrated on learning to stop where we were told to stop rather than drift off into the middle in search of a biscuit.  Eventually successful and instead of taking photos of this momentous occasion, I forgot and bossed the pair of them around.


By the time I had remembered, it was too late.  Iacs was tied up and Haakon was ready to be ridden by me.

Flossie gave me the carrot she had brought specifically.  She asked why just one carrot and I demonstrated.

I have taught Haakon to stand still at all costs when I get on.  I show him the carrot.  I break it in half.


He gets the first half when he is standing by my getting-on bucket.


I get on and if he has stood like a rock while I clip my exploding air-jacket into the saddle, have my happy thought and taken my time, not his, he gets the other half.

Then I gave him a hug to show he would stand still until I told him I was ready for the off.  If he moves, I eat the carrot!


We had a nice short ride.


And a bit of a tölt for afters.


If we ride tomorrow, I will take photos of Flossie next.

For those of you asking about Jack(et-Potato), he is back to his normal belligerent self.  Here he is going out on his walk.  He loves that coat.

BN2A3058 BN2A3066

And here is BeAnne grumbling because I told her to go with Jack.  She wants to follow me home instead.  That is her bad-mood I-am-not-listening-to-you face.


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  1. Sam

    Jack is stying in his jacket but Miss “I’m at YOU, Mom” face had me laughing so hard I nearly fell off my chair!


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