What Bebbies Need

The bebbies were fed up of living in the garden.  It was too small for them.  Eating is all well and good but if you have the energy, playing is much more fun.

Watching them queueing by the gate asking to go out was too much for me, so I opened the big gate from their paddock into the 20 acre hill field.

BN2A2909 BN2A2910

They didn’t wait to be asked twice and vanished galloping, bucking and farting into the distance.


I thought I would probably never see them again but found that if I shout “Bebbies”, three little sets of ears prick up and they come galloping over to me (and my three buckets of grub).


I have spent today hugging, scratching proffered bottoms and kissing noseys.  My idea of bliss and perfection.  I don’t want them to get used to being wild and not having any human input.  They are still the Bebbies, after all.


Today, they spent most of it asleep in various different places in their field.

BN2A2917  L1070704 L1070713 L1070720 L1070722 L1070724 L1070730 L1070731L1070706

It was lovely, sunny and warm.  We are all being lulled into a false sense of spring.


5 thoughts on “What Bebbies Need

  1. Linda

    Amazing daffodils! And, I never knew that Storm (inateacup) has the little black marks on his back! Pony of the most distinct markings 😉 Hi bebbies!!

  2. Roberta

    We have three Shetlands, and noting your photos and sleeping positions.
    Fergus always lays flat out, can even do it with his head down hill, lily likes to be a lady and sits more upright and just drops her head, Frazer does’nt mind as long as he can lie next to or on top of someone.


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