A First

Today was a day I never thought I would see.  My younger daughter, Flossie, and I went out for a ride together.

Flossie has never been a particularly keen or able rider in her youth.  As a child, she had no balance or co-ordination due to neuro developmental delay (retained Moro, Plantar and Palmar reflexes – three of the infant reflexes).  I have never forced either of my daughters to ride.  If they wanted to learn, then fine and while Daisy was determined to ride from an early age, it has taken a while for Flossie to want to do this.  Her choice completely.

She has had a few lessons sporadically through her life and was a very accomplished carriage driver from a very early age.  But horse riding was difficult for her.


I have always wanted to take her out for a ride and today we agreed that this was The Day.  She tacked up Iacs on her own.


And off we set with me riding Haakon.


BeAnne came too.


Iacs was the perfect gentleman.  He never put a hoof wrong.  BeAnne pottered alongside and we had a lovely ride.  There was even the odd trot when Iacs tried to catch up Haakon, who seemed to have a bee in his bonnet about waiting nicely or walking alongside his friend.

IMG_0811 IMG_0819 IMG_0821  IMG_0824 IMG_0827

Iacs’ behaviour was exemplary.  He looked after his precious charge very carefully.


I trust Iacs to look after Flossie no matter what.


BeAnne knows the drill on treks.  If cars appear, she immediately goes to the side of the road and waits.


So that was an afternoon I will never forget.  Taking my daughter for her first trek with me.


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