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I mentioned yesterday that Monster was quite taken with the BBC Wild Shetland programme. As I had not seen his original reaction, I popped on iPlayer and streamed it onto the sitting room television to see for myself what he would do.

Monster was fast asleep but when the bit with the birds started, he got out of his “wee nook” and took an interest.

He was fascinated – this was the otter eating a fish.

At one stage we did wonder if it was Ewan McGregor’s commentary or the stirring music.

Monster lost interest when the seals were being stalked and eaten by orcas.  It was then BeAnne snuck in and stole the wee nook.  Possibly in a rage that all the attention was on him.  I love their two faces.  Speaks volumes.   Also that is not a bed designed for a fat determined, if resentful, little Patterdale terrier.  It was a very tight squeeze for Her Maj.

Then the bird porn arrived and Monster was back to watching again.  BeAnne had vacated the wee nook having possibly achieved maximum revenge smells.  Gassed herself out, more like.

He moves!

Monster really is a funny chap.  This is the trip to Mousa broch where the storm petrels nest.

I think Monster would love to visit.  Possibly the storm petrels would not be too thrilled, though.

By now BeAnne was enjoying a full sulk and had gone to lie in front of the fire.

I was minded of the family threat that I would get “square eyes” from sitting too close to the television. Anyway, we thoroughly recommend BBC Wild Shetland if it comes to a television near you.  Your cat might like it too!

6 thoughts on “Watching TV

  1. Lisa

    I have a photo of my childhood cat who is seated directly in front of a “cabinet television” (one of the older models when the tv actually was in a cabinet that was at floor level) to watch the tigers on the nature show. If I recall correctly, she was walking through the room and upon noticing the tigers, turned and walked right towards the tv and sat down to have a good look at the striped cats!

  2. Kris

    OK, call me a curmudgeon, but I would be worried that Monster might actually spring at the screen and kill the TV instead. 🙁

    Still, the images of his rapt attention and stalking do bring a smile. 🙂


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