Remember Monster?

Anyone remember Monster or Poods as Daisy calls him (and she has reliably informed me of the correct spelling)?

Well, today he was very long.  Even elongated across the floor.

And looking particularly magnificent.  We don’t use the word “fat” in this house.

I worked out last night, when we were discussing the “magnificence”, that Poods cons out of someone at least 5 meals a day!

The schedule goes like this:-

  • Breakfast when OH gets up.
  • A lunchtime snack to inspire BeAnne to eat her medication – “ham day, ham day, Oh my goodness, it’s ham day” (all together now, please sing with us!)
  • Tea – supposedly 5 p.m. but OH usually gives in at about 3.40!  Poods is very persistent to the point of annoying.
  • Supper before he goes to bed at midnight.
  • And lastly there is his middle-of-the-night snack from his special timer foodbowl – and he will wake you if the bowl doesn’t work!

Five meals a day usually silences the world’s largest white cat and he has a strontium atomic clock located in his stomach from which the world sets the time.

Some might say Poods has us all very well trained.

And I think they could be right!

6 thoughts on “Remember Monster?

  1. Sam

    Poods must be in daily contact with Little Miss Maine Coon Cat. First breakfast to get meds in, 2nd breakfast to finish the can, 3rd with crunchies to entice her to eat. Repeat at dinner time. Commence yowling begging to more crunchies at 9am when served at 10:30 pm only. Our vet calls is “recreational grazing”…

  2. Elva

    I gave up the battle with my cats and just give them free-choice food.
    I particularly like Monster’s “crescent moon” pose!


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