Trying out Camera(s)

While feeding Vitamin and Fivla, I looked behind me to see this pocket-sized tyrant looking particularly magnificent.

I think he means business – dear little Newt!  He is starting to lose his mad-yak look and soon he will be a racehorse.  Personally, I favour his yak phase.  The sleek shiny racehorse is never that convincing.

Anywho, an uneventful day taking wee-dog on the slowest walk in the world, feeding barging pregnant sheep every minute (it feels like it – she eats for Britain, but I seem to remember Edna was like this).

And then some friends popped by this afternoon and we dutifully (and lawfully) sat outside wearing many layers, drinking tea to keep the hypothermia at bay while I looked at their fabulous state-of-the-art camera and all its lenses.

And I was allowed a little play with it too.

Oh my word – ok, I had it on automatic but even so, it was a very nice camera indeed.

It felt “right”, if you know what I mean.  If I had this camera, I might even read the manual!

Dammit, it started to rain so I did a couple more shots and handed the camera back to its hovering, and possibly anxious, owner as I had my feet in the stream!)

I have a few more cameras to try and then I shall see what I think. It has to be right.  Now, if only I had some good subjects to photograph……

2 thoughts on “Trying out Camera(s)

  1. Sam

    While several members of your farm family would protest “good vs not good” photo subjects (cough, newt, cough) – this is a lovely camera. As for the wooly food vaccum – she is eating for two right now…

  2. Judith Garbutt

    ” Now, if only I had some good subjects to photograph……” – hahaha!!! I think one or two lovlies might be a bit offended by this.!


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