A Day Off From Being Me

I know I don’t work at an actual money-making job but occasionally it is lovely to have a day off from my life.

So, Daisy, Floss and I (with masks on and hand sanitiser at every step) went to town.  Floss had an appointment, so we used this as our excuse.

First we “did the Street”.

I popped into the Jamieson’s wool shop where my Heartfelt sheeple abide in their field and checked on their progress.  Apparently the little ones are very popular so I shall keep making them.  The croft house was cute (not mine) too.

We had a delicious lunch – my treat for all the hard work and help this winter.  They’ve both been brilliant in all weathers, never failing or giving up.

And while Floss was at her appointment, Daisy and I continued our saunter in the afternoon sun.  We saw Tommy, a local celebrity, who was sunning himself in the window of SpecSavers.

He is such a dude and everyone loves him.

He even has his own Facebook page. I always think he looks tiny compared with one huge Monster we know and love.

We supported our local shops as much as was financially possible and then wended our way home.

Sometimes it is good to have a day off from everything and everyone.  I don’t realise the stress we are all constantly under with Her Maj until we leave it behind for a few hours.  Meanwhile, BeAnne had a fabulous time with OH and Monster who attended to her every whim, and even went on a little walk together accompanied by a horse (Efstur, of course!)

2 thoughts on “A Day Off From Being Me

  1. Rebeccca A Final

    Your lovely village is just idyllic. I would love to be able to walk around there. My sister and I spent time in Scotland in 2011. We went to Edinburgh, Inverness and our ancestral town of Rothesay on the Isle of Bute. We got to see the cottage our great, greats lived in. It was a fabulous trip. I felt so at home in Scotland. I wish I had the chance to go back, but I fear it’s not to be.


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