Regaining My Life

I am trying to regain my life and my independence again now I can walk. Each day, I set myself the task to clean one room as standards have somewhat slipped recently.  I will admit that I am a control freak and like things just so.  Yesterday was the kitchen’s turn and I am particularly proud of the fridge, which I mucked out.

(I am also particularly pathetic that I have taken a photo of it to share with you – we had our veg box delivery today which is why we look incredibly worthy and good!)


Tomorrow I shall negotiate terms with the freezer and see what we actually have, what needs eating and what we need to get in case we are snowed in.  I have a feeling we have a plethora of fish.  We always plan ahead this time of year.  The motto is one and a spare for when the snow comes.


The best bit about taking my life back is having Wuss back in it too.  I have missed his “little ways” and I am very keen for him to be part of our family again.  Since Loki’s arrival and then my subsequent disablement, Wuss just spent his day upstairs asleep isolating himself from everyone.  I can now go upstairs and bring him back down to join us.  He will see he is not going to be chased (we all pounce on Loki if he looks at him) and is beginning to relax again.


The power struggle between Wuss and BeAnne remains.  They actually quite like each other but one-upmanship is the best game of all.


Poor BeAnne – I had to rescue her in the end, before she starved to death.


Here are some Shetland ponies.  Just in case you are having withdrawal symptoms and were not impressed with the cleanliness of my fridge!


5 thoughts on “Regaining My Life

  1. Elizabeth

    I’ve got a fantastic pumpkin loaf recipe (my grandmother’s) if you’re wanting something different to use it in. That’s a mighty clean, well-stocked fridge!

  2. Evelyn

    Please make my fridge look like yours.. I do clean it – but it ‘s always too full to gleam or look trendy. Very impressed.


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