New Saddle and Physio

Taktur and Kappi have instantly made friends and are very happy together.  I am lucky they settled down quickly.  So that is Taktur’s winter companion sorted.  I refuse to keep horses on their own if I can possibly help it.  Taktur hates it and becomes hysterical at the thought.


Today, Jo arrived with a saddle we wanted to try and I called Taktur into the school.  He duly obliged, which was lucky as neither Jo or I had our wellies on or wanted to get him (mud).


Leaving Kappi for a five minutes….


….we put on the new-to-us saddle on Taktur.


He insisted on standing like a small boy trying on school uniform or a giraffe.  On a plus side, Taktur does have a muzzle made of deep-pile very expensive velvet that is very wuffley.



Update on me – I have ditched the moonboot and crutches completely now.  They hurt my back and make me walk lopsided because the moonboot has a higher platform than any shoes I possess. I was getting wonky.

So, new idea.  The Dog Walk is back.  I take the aged Jack on his slow little trundle up to the road and back – about 1/2 a mile apparently according to Jo who measured it on Google Earth with her fingers  (very technical).

Yes, Jack does this thing with poles whenever he can.  Drives me nuts!  He has to go out on a lead because he forgets and goes home.


I see this potter as my physio and I walk slowly trying to do it properly (heel, toe, roll forwards) using a walking stick for stabilisation.  It is a very long way up that road when you haven’t walked for 7 weeks and my legs are different sizes.


But the view at the end is remarkable and always well worth it.


And then we walk very slowly back home.  Even Jack walks faster than me and he is the slowest dog in the world these days.


Getting there, but very slowly. x

1 thought on “New Saddle and Physio

  1. martine

    Cinnamon does that pole thing too!!! I thought she was the only dog in the world to do that… every.single.pole.tree.lampost we come to, she insists on going on the wrong side.


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