A Bimble Nozzle

I dedicate this blog to Daisy, my eldest daughter, who is stuck at St Andrews without Iacs, aka Meester Bimble.

This afternoon, left to my own devices, as OH was in Lerwick working, I decided to take the dogs for a very slow potter in the hill.  I looked at every step I took and was very careful before anyone wades in with “please walk on flat ground, etc” and I didn’t go far either.  As my reward, as I find walking hard and painful, I took my camera and concentrated on trying to do justice to the amazing colours of the autumn flora and fauna around me.

L1030857 L1030865 L1030871 L1030900 L1030907 L1030984 L1040014

On my travels, who should I happen upon?  A blimp?


A clue – he has a lovely tache!


It was the Grand Master of Cupboard Love.

L1030953 L1030955 L1030960 L1030961

He practiced his charms on me as I had some carrots in my pockets, so I gladly dished them out.  In return, Iacs did his Idiot-Face.  A little known fact – Iacs actually stands for I Am Completely Stupid.  It suits him.  If there is one thing Iacs is not known for, it is his immense brain power.  There is even a small piece of land in the field named after him – Iacs Island where he got stuck when it rained.  Not the brightest star in our firmament.


So, there you are Daisy.  In answer to our Facebook conversation later this afternoon …..

Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 17.42.34

(and please don’t say the word Fat – Daisy doesn’t like it)


Though I am struggling to think of another word, to be perfectly honest.  He has big bones.  Yes, that would be it.  Very big bones.

Look, look, Daisy, he is moving.


Feel the burn, Iacs

(and no, that is not the stream that runs along the bottom of the field)

5 thoughts on “A Bimble Nozzle

  1. Karen

    Stunning photography as usual…I love the macro and am drooling over the fleece pics, but then maybe I prefer the close ups of Iacs nosey…such amazing colours and textures…perhaps rotund of stature would be kinder thank fat 😉

  2. Elaine

    Iacs – stupid, eh? And how many times did you have to wade through the water in fetching him off his island? And how many times did he have to wade through in coming with you? Are you sure you didn’t see him smiling a little?


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