Primoses or Primroses, even

I went down to the burn to take photos of our wild primroses.  Obviously I took my little friend, Her Maj who insisted on going paddling.

My back was turned and I suddenly noticed she was off, swimming upstream and then she vanished!

(sorry for shaky video)

Anywho, she came back and stayed with me while I continued to take photos. It involved us both standing in the stream to get to them.


This part of the stream has a wall on either side of primroses interspersed with celandine.

Down stream they give up.  The primroses always grow in this spot.

After our little adventure, we went into the other field where the sheep were, all five.  I sat on a rock while BeAnne pootled about, coming back occasionally to check I hadn’t moved.  The sheep came up for a chat and Lambie sat down with me.

We are all making the most of this fabulous weather.

And it is lovely to enjoy the sunshine with BeAnne.

10 thoughts on “Primoses or Primroses, even

    1. Frances Post author

      No, not really. Good days and then a bad one. We are thrilled if she wakes up every morning. We take whatever we can get and are very very grateful for each day. xx

  1. Kerry

    What a delight to see you all out playing in the sun. BeAnne’s swimming video is fab and shows what a gutsy girl she is.
    And beautiful primroses. Glad to see you making the most of these precious days

  2. Lucy MacArthur

    What a wonderful day’s journal Frances. Beautiful photo’s, beautiful weather and beautiful animals to enjoy it with, not least a gorgeous old lady in the form of be-anne. That must have been a rather hairy moment when she disappeared but with a happy ending. You are certainly making the most of her good days and approaching it the best way, taking each day …….. Lucy xxx

  3. Linda Kirk

    BeAnne is a real water baby and it’s great to see her enjoying herself. I love the last photo.
    Lambie seems to me to have a superior expression, but in a nice way, as if he knows he’s special, or maybe he just looks inscrutable, in a sheep like way. But he’s lovely.

  4. Margaret Robinson

    Wow – a nice Shetland day and BeAnne swimming around, plus the sheep visiting. Can’t get too much better! It’s actually a gorgeous day there and nice that you could enjoy it and take pictures too!

  5. diane in northern wis

    That stream looks so cold. But BeAnne must love to swim! It is so cold here yet…I can’t imagine it being warm anywhere…but it sure looks nice where you are! Thanks for the great videos and great pictures, Frances!


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