Sitting in the Sun

You know my obsession with the weather. Well, today was beautiful. Not particularly warm (ten degrees Celsius) but very beautiful. Blue skies and not a cloud to be seen. Shetland spring sunshine.

I asked BeAnne where she wanted to walk this afternoon so she took me up to Clothie – my 5 acre croft where the old men (Haakon and Iacs) and Klængur live happily away in peace and quiet from Taktur.  Her Maj likes it there.

BeAnne went off hunting while I enjoyed creating Vitamin D sitting on a rock in the sun.

I had the best view.

Klængur has always liked to stand close by (read on top of) if he can.  It is actually very calming and I trust him totally.

And he went to sleep too with a lovely “smile” on his face.

BeAnne soon got bored of her hunting. I think she has emptied the field of rabbits now. She too likes these horses and came to sit next to me.

Haakon and Iacs were close by quietly nodding off too.

We all let out a collective sigh and relaxed.

The occasional boot nibble from Haakon who, although never demonstrative, didn’t want to be left out.  This is very typical Haakon.  It’s his way of letting me know he’s around.

Trust is everything.

A nice afternoon in the Shetland sun.





4 thoughts on “Sitting in the Sun

  1. diane in northern wis

    Awww I love that boot nibble…..that was so sweet. Looks glorious over your way. today it hailed and snowed here, yet again. I hope Spring is out there somewhere!!!


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