The War is Not Over

Look who was waiting to meet us this morning?

Despite our kind neighbour’s generous offer of two pick-up tyres that fit perfectly around the buckets, a certain small chap has not been deterred from his swimming practice.

Yes Waffle!

He was wet which means there had been muchos splashing.  Perhaps the tyres just add to the fun. Like a good springboard.

We had words.  Well, I had words and Waffle refused to look guilty or like he remotely cared.

The buckets were refilled and I made sure everyone had a good drink.

Well, that’s all I can do.  Like I say, boringly, they have easy access, if they walk, to streams and a loch.

Afterwards, I shooed them all away and Waffle did his usual smirking while he cantered off to join his friends.

And then I came home to sit in the sunshine with these two who were having a lovely little chat!

Oh, and I made this for The Golden Paste Company

2 thoughts on “The War is Not Over

  1. diane in northern wis

    Love that video …. so cool! Amazing that those buckets still get emptied even sitting in the tires. Who woulda thunk???

  2. Linda

    Good idea with the tires, Frances! Hopefully this is just a “stage” he’s going through?
    And how sweet and beautiful Fivla looked in your video – a little unicorn…


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