Pre Storm Barbara

Pre Storm Barbara is here.

She has started.

Blowing hard, and has been going for a few days now.

The temperature is dropping rapidly and add the wind-chill factor too.  We are into minuses now.

So, after looking to the chaps in Sandness (thank you, they are fine – four carrots distributed plus nose kisseys)…..

…… we went to look at the waves at Dale Beach (our nearest beach).

It was wonderful.


…. and huge!

Daisy and I sat watching the waves for some time.

They were magnificent.

Those that need to have rugs.

That would be Delia, Taktur and Kappi (because they are working)

I favour the high-neck ones, not full-neck.

Albie has a rug because he is not very waterproof.  The neck bit is particular useless and annoying but, hey, it might do something.

And Newt.  Well, this is our smallest rug.  Thankfully, it fits perfectly.  We can’t get any smaller.

So, now while Storm Barbara rages, my little boys (and old dragon) will be fine.  Snug as bugs in their rugs!

The others can lose some weight, please.

4 thoughts on “Pre Storm Barbara

  1. Terri

    Gorgeous photos — but I hope Storm Barbara isn’t in any way related to Storm Desmond. Glad those who need it have coats/rugs, and hope those “under the weather” (specifically Newt and Storm) get well. Stay warm, dry, and safe!

  2. Linda

    I love watching a storm come in – the noise of the sea must have been powerful!
    And everyone looks snug as a…horse…in a rug 😉


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