Bring it on Storm Barbara!

Storm Barbara is looming  She is making her presence known.

(No, that one is Lambie – he is always making his presence known because he is Lambie and we luffs him for it).

As it is windy. There is also a -2 degree celsius (or is it farenheit, I never know) chill factor. Because of this, I let everyone live around the house.

Obviously, being around makes asking for nose-kisseys very easy.

I showed Little Newt and his friend (Albie) where the stable is, in case they need shelter.  Of course, they left straight away to eat the grass around the house.  There is other shelter – Lambie’s Bedroom 1 (with Wifi and radio), Lambie’s Bedroom 2 (just wifi) and Lambie’s Bedroom 3 (stereo) scattered about the place.

Newt is part of the herd now. He may be  small but he is “one of the guys”.

And that is just what I wanted.

The sheeps asked to come out of their field full of grass in case they missed out because sheep should not live in fields and should have access to three types of bedroom.

Everyone was everywhere – this is Iacs and Klaengur by Lambie’s first bedroom.

We went to see who was in the stable (Lambie’s 3rd bedroom).

Fivla had taken up residence.

As had Storm – his excuse is that he is lame but he just can’t decide which leg it is!

So many legs, so little time!

Lambie and friends (‘Ster and ‘Bert) were also enjoying his third bedroom.

There was an exchange of views, so Lambie left in a huff.

I wonder if the house could be Lambie’s fourth bedroom. I would have no objections.  Sadly, everyone else would!

3 thoughts on “Bring it on Storm Barbara!

  1. Sam

    Sounds like Lambie is running a successful Bed & Hay. Now why wouldn’t anyone want a Lambie is the house? He is cute, smaller than some of the other 4 legged critters (Newt aside) and has nicer house manners. Stay warm and dry. (Is it me or does Filva and Storm’s coats look alike?)

  2. Linda

    So much family and not enough room for them all – sounds like Christmas to me!

    And yeah, Lambie could be in the house – after all he’s been there before – but I’m betting the jealousy quotient would go through the roof…

    Wishing all of you a warm, dry, and Happy Christmas 🙂


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