Storm is Lame

Storm is lame and I don’t know why.

He came limping down the field this morning on his way to steal Delia’s breakfast.

I grabbed him, Tiddles and Newt and put them in the small paddock together where I could keep an eye on Storm and his ailment.


I also gave Storm half a sachet of Danilon – yellow, odourless granules to add to the food of horses,  used to treat pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis, degenerative joint disease, musculo-skeletal injuries and conditions such as bursitis and laminitis. Danilon Equidos should not be given to any equine which might go for human consumption in future!  (dammit, Storm – what will we have for Christmas?)

Storm seemed happy enough and toyed with limping on both front hooves just for an air of mystery and to be different.  He would.

Personally, I think it is his shoulder as Daisy and I both had a good poke about down his legs and found nothing interesting.

Newt was very happy being company.  It may have found his calling in life.

Tiddles wanted to be a diversionary tactic!  He may have to leave if he plays rough.

The other nurses and doctors were, of course, on stand-by.

We are having a few days and nights of shitery weather now so it is good Newt is in the small paddock. There is a shed if he wants to go indoors.

That is, if Tiddles will let him.  I may have to put Tiddles back into the big field if he continues to be annoying.  That also may be Tiddles’ calling in life!

Little Staff Nurse Newt makes the perfect companion.  Tiddles, on the hoof, does not.

10 thoughts on “Storm is Lame

  1. diane in northern wisconsin, US

    Oh so sorry to hear about your Storm. What a beautiful animal! Sure hoping he is feeling better very fast! Merry Christmas to you all. Thanks for the great blog! I love it!

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Poor Storm – foot abscess came to mind, given how wet it is underfoot. Or thrush? But knowing how they all play, he could easily have just tweaked something. I hope he makes a quick recovery.

    Tiddles is so playful. He reminds me so much of my little Alfie who behaves in just the same way.

  3. Sam

    Hard to remember how timid Tiddles once was – now he is Major Annoying Minion.
    Hope Storm’s lameness eases. How is Newt’s hair loss?

  4. Louise Stopford

    Poor sweet Storm – Gosh he is so cute and so is little Newt. They look like a real pair of sweethearts. Hope Storm makes a speedy recovery. The photo’s are marvellous, …. especially the one of the Icelandic Horses ‘looking concerned’ and taking their nursing roles seriously. Kind regards.

  5. Linda

    Oh, poor Storm I hope he’s feeling better soon…maybe he knew about that Christmas Dinner thing and is faking it?

    P.S. Is that shy, little Tiddles causing all that fuss? (I remember when he first came to you…)


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