Yesterday’s photos were rubbish.  I know that and I hate taking bad photos especially a whole set of them.  I was ashamed at my rookie mistake.

So today, mostly to prove to myself that I can take the odd good photo, I went out with the camera in search of some the beautiful people and then I found Him.  My Handsome Prince and, yes, I did spend a good five minutes tickling his nosey telling him how gorgeous he is because I could not help myself.


I wandered about the field trying to capture some special moments or fat horses, whichever.


The “Silly Frilly” put on his special face for my camera.  He misses his owner, Daisy, very much and is pretty much doing nothing but maintaining His Frilléd and The Size Zero – very 1980’s.

Why am I thinking Krystle Carrington?  Same eyes, hair, what?
(and yes, I did have to look up on t’net to see how spell the bint’s name!)


So back to The Handsome One.  He is so beautiful and such a nice bloke.  I could gaze into his eyes forever.  He is just …… words-fail-me-because-there-isn’t-another-word-better-than-GORGEOUS!

BN2A3915 BN2A3921

It is perhaps a little known fact, or one that folk never readily admit, that it is always beneficial to stand next to an ugly person in photos because it will make you look good or at least slightly better.


Sorry, Iacs – not a chance!

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