This morning was spent in Gilbert Bain Hospital Out-Patients (or GBH as it is known locally) discussing the way forward with the Gynaecological team.  So next it is an MRI in Aberdeen.  I shall await my appointment letter with anticipation.

To make up for a morning in The Big L including a trip to The Temple of Tesco’s  (or Lerwick as it is known locally),  I spent the afternoon with my bebbies.

BN2A3969 BN2A3970

I walked into their park and yelled “Bebbies” once and then was galloped at by three little enthusiastic treasures who giggled and sniggered as they went.


They love their field.  The huge proportions mean they can play and gallop their way round it forever with no fences to stop them.  They are growing up to be normal Shetland colts.



So I found a safe spot and sat down to watch them.  If they wanted to talk to me, I asked them to behave but watched out for any silly behaviour as I wanted to be safe rather than have my teeth kicked in.

BN2A3982 BN2A3988   BN2A4079 BN2A4083  BN2A4130

They never really stopped and it was lovely to watch.


For some reason, probably due to the regular food buckets, they love their dear old Mum and I only have to appear, shout “Bebbies” and they run up to me expecting tickles, snogs and food (not necessarily in that order).


Watching them play does my heart good and is the best therapy.  A trip to Hospital is put into perspective beautifully.  Just what the doctor ordered (the NHS just doesn’t know that).



8 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Jen Breese

    It warms my little mean heart to see how great they look now! What a phenomenal difference. Nothing is better than horses for healing. 🙂

  2. Karen Ashley

    Wonderful Bebbies 😀 You have done them proud! Good luck with the gynae stuff…have been down that route myself (including biopsies) so will be thinking of you.

  3. Freda Freestone

    Loved all of your pics Frances, especially the ‘action ones’. Those bebbies are just ‘gorjus’
    I find being with my two always gives me a ‘lift’.
    Hope the medics get you sorted out very soon. Take care. Freda.

  4. Rhonda Lane

    The Bebbies and you – mutually beneficial. 🙂 They’ve come so very far. I can imagine the delight you feel when you yell “Bebbies” and they come running and goofing off. Good luck with the medical tests.


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