Poor Celtie

Totally vile weather.  Rain and wind, gusting 50mph.  The horses are sheltering and I can’t go outside.


That would be unwise but I know they will be fine and the grass is beginning to show again, so that’s a positive.


So of course OH decided he must walk the dogs.  To be fair, they do go stir crazy at 6pm if they haven’t been out, even for a little while.  They enjoyed it apparently but when they came in, Celt was a shivering wreck and he was bleeding.

My first priority was to get him dry and warm him up. We towelled him dry and put him in one of my foaling space blankets.  We sat him in BeAnne’s bed, which is the nicest, of course, though they swap all the time.


Jack decided that body warmth was the way forward and selflessly offered his support and body for this sole purpose.


I gave Floss a large cushion on the floor and asked her to sit beside Celt so that she could keep him settled as he is prone to wandering about in a daze (he is 16yo and a bit you-know).  I hmm’ed and ahh’ed about how a space blanket actually works and what it does if you are wet so I removed it after a while and added the hot water bottle onto the outside of the blanket instead.


Floss read her Kindle and Celt cleaned himself up.  The bleeding is, I think, from a torn old papilloma – he has them on his face and we have always left them well alone.  It soon stopped and I will clean him up properly when he is more settled.


For good measure, I gave him a swig of Rescue Remedy and one for myself.


Poor old Celt.  He hates the car so a trip to the vet is out of the question.  I think, after a rest in his warm tent, he will pull through.  


Obviously Jack will give him his full support and God help anyone who tries to move him!


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