Guilt feeding

I felt terrible for the horses and ponies yesterday.  They spent most of their day and night sheltering behind a dry stone wall trying get out of the horrendous weather.  So today, to make up for it, Jo brought them a bale of silage (unchopped big-bale grass silage from our own hay meadows).


In the wee small hours, I reckon, there had been some escapology from Arcturus as he was the wrong side of the fence by himself.


Jo placed and unwrapped the bale carefully on the hard-standing by the gateway and drove off ….


..only to discover that the gate would not close! It was all my fault as I was the one in charge of saying “back a bit, left a bit, fine!”  Ooops.


So we got the Land Rover and pushed the bale further into the field ….


and the gate closed beautifully. Ta da!

Jo opened the horses’ field gate and they made a mad dash for the bale….

and dived in occasionally coming up for air.

Damage from the storm was restricted to the horse trailer being pushed, despite being extensively chocked, into the nearby container.  We decided to leave it there as it couldn’t go any further and hadn’t made a hole.


So now I have stopped feeling guilty.  The horses are stuffing their faces and silage can even make a fashion statement if you wear it, as seen being modelled by IndyPingPong!


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