Fuzzy Bottoms and Thinking

Yesterday was my lowest day so far and this morning was none too good either.  The ponies were all miles away and I needed to feed them their daily carrot and check they were ok in this stupid weather.


They must’ve picked up on my thoughts and, before I knew it, they had wandered over, which saved me a trek.


To say thank you, I threw them over some hay that needed finishing, dished out the statutory carrot and received a snog in return.

It was good to see the fuzzy bottoooms of the bebbies.  So nibbly.

I wanted to think and so, to do this, I went for a hobble on the hill taking with me BeAnne and Wussums.  An obvious choice as the crumblies were welded to the fire refusing to move.

I took some photos of the ice melting, a few (f)artisticky ones and we had an excellent time talking.  Ok, so I talked and I would like to think they listened.

Anyway, the plan in my head is that I will wait until after foaling, ask kind folk to do some work with the bebbies and sell a whole pile afterwards.  Certainly not all, but definitely some.  So if there is one you are hankering for, message me and I will see what I can do (no to Whiffy and Vitamin, so you know).


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