Pony Paranoia

They wait for me.

All of them.

There is no escape.

They are always there.

Sometimes appearing out of nowhere.


Always watching.

With their spikey hair…..

And little faces.

So I fed them all a carrot, Fivla had her TurmerAid and sent them on their way!

Muchos giggling.

And shoving and pushing. Like school kids in the school corridor when the teachers aren’t watching.

And with the wind in their tails, they galloped off and left me.

But I know they are always watching….waiting.

6 thoughts on “Pony Paranoia

  1. diane in northern wis

    They are so very beautiful….the tall amongst the small. I love your pictures and especially of them all running. What a gorgeous lot they are!

  2. Sherry Walter

    It’s true! When I get up in the morning and look out the kitchen windows there’s one up on the hill and one in the lane behind the house just standing, watching the back door with a steady gaze. Same later in the afternoon when it gets towards feeding time. Ah well, at least somebody’s always glad to see me.

  3. Sam

    She who feed is always watched…says Little Miss Maine Coon. But really – I do love the “watching faces”!
    Reminds me that someday we can all wander about…


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