Just Stuff, really

The girls are home.  Daisy and I went to fetch Hetja and Brá during a brief weather window yesterday.  They have come back as the farrier is visiting this week and the field they live in (not one of mine – they are total squatters) is being re-fenced.

I can see them from my house (just, in the far distance) and I must admit I get a warm fuzzy feeling (probably from the amount of money in petrol I am saving from not having to drive over every day!)

The plan is that they will stay for a few weeks.

Here are some photos of BeAnne that I took t’other day. Ever the rock chick!

She likes to sit amongst OH’s guitars, or “kindling” as I like to call them, in the morning (part of her routine),

Lambie is on fine form.  He, along with ‘Bert and ‘Ster, go out on nice mornings onto the hill and then realise that absolutely nobody (sheep) wants to talk to them so they come home pretending this is absolutely fine. They do stick out somewhat.

I shovel biscuits in while telling them just how much their Muzzah loves them, and who needs hill sheep anyway.

They don’t need to visit the poor.

5 thoughts on “Just Stuff, really

  1. Cathy

    It’s lovely to see these photos of Lambie, and hard to believe this is the same poor little chap who used to lie with Her Maj in front of your Aga, while we all willed him to survive.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Love that pic of BeAnne! And wow….you got some good shots of Lambie leaping like a gazelle…..well, sort of. He looks very cool to me. Maybe he could enter a contest! 🙂


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