Run Wild, Run Free!

Daisy and I “did feet” the other day – Albie and Vitamin were on that day’s list.  The others all hung around and watched, unhelpfully twanging the fence (thank you Newt), which infuriates me.

Daisy and I made a tidy job of the hooves and, after carrot distribution, I sent the herd away to get them away from my poor fence.  Loitering only causes mud and more mud.  They don’t need to stand in the same spot all day.

Waffle stopped, turn back and stared at me in disbelief – that I would actually want him to leave my side.

The wind was blowing hard now and I insisted they left.  In a silly-bill mood, they bounced off like little Shetland pony Tiggers!

And then there was Tiddles. You can see him thinking about this.

I called his name and he turned back to look at me as if to say, why wouldn’t you want a Tiddles with you at all times?

Sorry, Tiddles, no.  Run wild, run free – or in other words “go away and leave my poor fences alone!”

5 thoughts on “Run Wild, Run Free!

  1. annie vanderven

    that is exactly what I want to do run wild and free instead here in ct we have basically been quarantined since last march !!!! will keep my opinion about politicians to myself!!!!!

  2. Louise Whyte

    my lot are refusing to go out, loitering on the yard, pooing everywhere then i have loads of heavy wet or frozen poo to remove. they have a huge winter field with big bale in it but they are saying nope stay on the yard on the ice instead.


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