Playdate for BeAnne

Our search to make BeAnne happy continues.

A friend came round for coffee this morning, bringing her two Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers to play.  They came over last year for swimming – Blog Post and it had been a huge success.

As it was March and minus something outside, instead of swimming and retrieving ducks, the Tollers just retrieved BeAnne’s box of toys.

This lovely girl was spayed a few days back – hence the medical pet shirt (such a good idea, I think, and much nicer than those horrid lampshade collars).

I wont pretend that BeAnne was thrilled to see these dogs, let alone share her toys but a reaction, either positive or negative, is better than nothing.  BeAnne favoured her put-upon sulking routine!

The Tollers didn’t seem to care whether Mein Host was receptive or not.

We went outside for a little while.

BeAnne took her bally-ball just in case anyone nipped back to steal it.  She loves it because it is the only one in her extensive collection that still squeaks.

This is BeAnne’s look of pure no-one-should-even-think-about-my-bally-ball!

Isn’t it, BeAnne?  Yaysh!  Typical Her Maj.

Back indoors, where it was slightly warmer, the dogs began to relax a bit more.

Again, like yesterday, there was almost a moment of potential playing.

We went past the vet this afternoon and I picked up a brace of new squeaky bally-balls.  BeAnne took one to her bed.

The search continues.

13 thoughts on “Playdate for BeAnne

  1. Rebecca Final

    Frances – Could you possibly send me some information on that spay shirt the little Toller is wearing? I work for a vet here in California and we use the “horrid lampshade collars” on our spays. I’d love to find out more about these shirts.

    Hoping BeAnne finds a new little friend.

    Rebecca Final

  2. Margaret Robinson

    She’s trying at least! You are so good to her and whilst it may not seem like she understands, I think she does.

  3. Vicki

    BeAnne is trying. I think once she gets a regular playmate or little thing to lord over I mean look after she’ll be up to her full name again.

  4. m. Colleen McNamara

    The right playmate critter will come into BeAnne and your life when it is time. You can’t rush these things. I am thinking perhaps a cat and a smallish dog. Since BeAnne is the queen you probably need to be looking at a male (either intact or “broken”) she will not want another female intruding on her territory. Of course like us you need to be aware of how the newbee interacts with the equine critters , chickens etc.
    All the best in your journey.

  5. Darby

    Well, it’s a start and hopefully she will come around to herself. the Tollers are beautiful dogs and I remember how good BeAnne was with the deaf puppy. Is one of the dogs who visited this puppy, now grown up?

  6. Terri

    Your sensitivity to BeAnne’s needs is touching. She looks so sad. You are wonderful to keep coaxing her back to her old self. I love the photos of her with her bally-ball(s)!
    PS Yes, that medical shirt is a great idea — similar to a “thunder shirt” for dogs with anxiety.

  7. Vicki

    Along with grieving, as you all are, could she be worried for herself disappearing suddenly, maybe? I know it’s crazy… I just hate that sad look in her eye.

  8. Linda

    Everything you’re doing is just perfect; offer her comfort and possibilities, but let her do the choosing. Everyone (human and otherwise) grieves in their own way. Keep up the good work!


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