Pinned In my Bed

Well the Nursing Staff made it very clear that today would be spent in bed.  No excuses, no moving and no getting up (except for the obvious).

I was pinned to my bed by a small hairy, if rather smelly now she is an old lady, Patterdale terrier nurse who included a thorough washing up service as well.

I was not going to argue, mostly because I couldn’t move and had lost all feeling in my legs.

So I have mostly spent my day window shopping for my studio which now has interior walls, lights and stuff.  OH has been going along splendidly with it.  Full marks there. I am in a very Chinese mood as I have been watching a Chinese serial (Empresses in the Palace – I can’t rate it highly enough if only for the set, the costumes and the jewellery), playing Chinese iPad games and eating Floss’ wonderful Chinese food.

The view from my window this morning. I miss my boys.

Tomorrow, I will get up properly and see how I feel. I did manage a quick foray downstairs in my jimjams to mend the nursery gate at the front door –  ‘Ster jumped on it last night and brought down.  When the sheep came in late this afternoon, I fed them their ginger biscuits so it was good to see a change of faces even Lambie looked resentful that his Muzzah had been neglecting his every whim.

13 thoughts on “Pinned In my Bed

  1. Sam

    Did Lambie not get Nurse’s message about Muzzah? One could not have a more devoted nurse staff as Her Mag. Hoping the injections help and you can negotiate a release from your nursing staff. But since you are doubling as a heated napping bed….one may not be able to convince The Matron.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Erm, how does going downstairs and mending a gate compute with instructions to stay in bed all day? BeAnne clearly knew best! I hope your legs work normally tomorrow.

  3. Celeste

    Sorry to hear you feel crummy. You do have an excellent view and the best possible company, so could be worse. I’m down with a cold today and very glad to have my 3 kitties taking care of me. May we both feel better soon!

  4. Margaret Robinson

    Neglected they may all feel, but your health is way more important! If you aren’t well, nothing gets done in the proper way in which your animals understand, despite the awesome help.

  5. lynn

    I hope you feel better soon. BeAnne seems to be an excellent nurse. btw, is that a minion blanket? The minions always cheer me up.

  6. Sharrie Brockhaus

    From another minion fan. We have a household full of minion “stuff”. I also raise Shetland sheep, so all things Shetland fascinate me. Your blog is something I have read every day for several years now, and I am remiss in not having making any comments. I have recommended the blog to the Shetland sheep groups that I belong to over here in Wisconsin, USA. Hope this note finds you feeling somewhat better, but be sure to follow all the instructions about your health. Keep up your wonderful work with your family, your animals, and your blog.

    1. Frances Post author

      Minion stuff is wonderful. I have a lovely collection, including blanket, Christmas decos and jimjams!

  7. Terri

    I’d stay in bed just for the gorgeous view! (You really need to think about taking up knitting, especially since you’re now an accomplished needle-felter!) In any case, listen to your Nursing Staff and listen to your body.

  8. diane in northern wis

    Oh my …. Frances. Sure hope you are feeling better soon. So hard to lay in bed and dream fun dreams for your new studio! Sounds like you did get up and move a bit…hopefully not too much!
    Sending up prayers that you’ll be feeling much better soon!


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