Injections Today

So here we were, up at the crack of sparrows, bright and early, leaving Daisy and Flossie in charge of all the animals as well as any chores they felt like doing.

OH kindly drove as I don’t trust my legs on long distances now.

There was a beautiful sunrise which we commented upon as it kept going.

We drove past the boat (the 14 hour trip overnight ferry from Lerwick to Aberdeen) which had berthed a few hours earlier.

And, quite frankly, if I hadn’t had to have these spinal injections, I would’ve been off with my camera trying to photo the incredible sky and sea.  This is the hospital carpark at 09:00.

There was a bit of waiting in my cubicle. I think they were running late.

After the agony, not enough intravenous gin (there never is these days) and once I was considered compos mentis enough, I was given a bottle of water with some Digestive biscuits.  Proper ones.  McVities ones. Perfect post-injection fodder.

OH drove me home and I went to bed with full nursing staff.

Staff Nurse Soufflé was supportive in every way but mostly because Daisy brought me a chicken sandwich as well as many cups of tea for lunch.  I was starving.

BeAnne is always supportive.  Perhaps overdoing it a bit. The sandwich called to her.

So that is that and I pray the injections work.  F&D held the fort admirably.  Cooking, cleaning and general animal slavery – even Lambie got his biccies!

9 thoughts on “Injections Today

  1. Sarah Elizabeth Carter

    Did you say Beanne was Patterdale? My new rescue dog Milo is Patterdale and mad as a hatter lol

  2. Sam

    If ever there was the face of love, it would be BeAnne. Now whether that love for you or the sandwich remains to be seen. Hoping the injections help like the proper biccies did. And that skyline was amazing.

  3. Margaret Robinson

    You may be indispensable, proven by everyone taking such good care of you, but you do need to let all this settle until you feel good enough to get going again so you can be on the couch and Lambie, ++ can see you’re doing fine! BeAnne probably loves sleeping right next to her food source!

  4. diane in northern wis

    Thank you for the blog today especially on such an un-fun day for you. Hope all goes well with your injections. Enjoyed the pics of the beautiful sky and the nurse hungering after your chicken sandwich! Get well dear Frances!

  5. Terri

    Whew, glad that’s over! Your nursing staff is very efficient, especially Staff Nurse Duvet Soufflé. Take it easy and don’t overdo. Here’s to more chicken sandwiches and biccies!


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