Soggy Day

When I went out this morning, I could see that everyone was feeling a bit soggy.  The Icelandic herd of boys all looked a bit fed up, despite being in the last of the good fields, ie the only one with any grass which we have been saving for as long as we could.

This time of year grass is at a huge premium and we try to rotate fields so they don’t get churned up.  This is a new method for us.

BeAnne rushed up and down protecting the fences.  It is her important job.  She knows this.  A collie taught her.

Three of the boys had been brought in to eat their hard feed.  Currently, only Haakon (because he is old and lost weight last winter), Taktur (because he is a stallion in training and tends to drop weight at the slightest hint) and Efstur (because he has done some growing and appears to have lost weight) are fed and rugged if rain is forecast.  Today we rugged them up.  Rain will appear later.

So you know, Dreki remains a dear boy.  I ❤️ this little chap.  Him and his sister, Lilja – peas in a pod.

So, I have been pottering about all day, doing nothing strenuous and, as the weather brightened up this afternoon, I took BeAnne for a walk.

She went grudgingly and had to be put on a lead as she has a tendency to turn tail and go home if you are not noticing.

Upon my return home, I could see the boys had spread out and were now enjoying the grass.

Honestly you would think we were being cruel.

They are a fussy bunch.  Just because we refuse to open the silage or feed them hay yet does not mean anyone is starving.

Yes, Iacs.  Starving.

11 thoughts on “Soggy Day

  1. Lucy

    So glad you felt up to walking today Frances after your very unpleasant injection experience! I hope it helps and I always love reading your blog even if I dont often comment.

    If you don’t mind me asking here, please let Bessie know Mary is improving when you see her or speak to her? Thank you!

  2. Sam

    Not so much starving as bored with the menu and the rain. Glad to see BeAnne whizzing down the fence line to keep horses and ponies inside. And very happy you were able to saunter down the road and back.

  3. darby callahan

    happy you were able to get out and about today. BeAnne is certainly talented. yesterday she was your nurse, and today your helper with the horses.

  4. Terri

    I’m relieved you feel well enough today to venture out. Btw, thank you for introducing me to Icelandic horses. Their Tölt gait fascinates me. Do yours also do the Flying Pace? Many equestrien people I’ve met don’t know about Icelandics (perhaps because their race is so pure, and such care is taken to keep it that way).
    BeAnne takes her assignments seriously, doesn’t she? (Head Staff Nurse one day, Border Guard the next) What a wonderful life she has with you…well, they all do!

  5. diane in northern wis

    Wow….what a soggy bunch. Nice pictures though and I’m glad you were able to get out and about and check on everybody today. Take it easy Frances….don’t overdo. Hopefully Nurse BeAnne will keep you in line.


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