Physio, here we go!

Today, there was a phone call.  The Physiotherapist had a cancellation – did I want it?  Did I?  Hell, yes.  So OH drove me into Lerwick while I complained about his driving.

I didn’t take a single photo while I back-seat-drove so the best I can do is show you some from this summer that are lurking on my computer waiting to be filed.

Remember Zoot as a bebbie?  Remember when grass grew, there were flowers everywhere and you could go outside without a coat?

BN2A0995-2 BN2A0982-2  BN2A0610-2

Zoot was an enchanting foal.  I wish they could stay like that but apparently they can’t.  I am such a fair weather breeder.


Oof!  You could put her in a sandwich…. (please don’t)

BN2A0997-2 BN2A0998-2

Remember when horses had summer coats and were not growing a winter coat that is made up of numerous layers to keep warm?


Remember when everyone would sunbathe and the fields were green ….


….. and little yearlings needed their winter fuzz taken off (to be sold on Fleabay and woven into whatever you use yearling foal for). I am still waiting to see the results.


Just think about sitting on the ground without a wet bottom afterwards – that would be nice.


We take spring and summer for granted when it is around us.  We easily forget the harsh winters and put them behind us as fast as possible, grateful we got through it without too much loss or worry.


And here we are back in winter.  I can’t pretend it is still autumn. The clocks have gone back and it is dark by 15.30.

So, here we go again!


The plus side to winter up here is that we will probably get the Northern Lights dancing (I saw a good green glow out of the back door last night).    Now they are something special.


I took this photo standing by my gate.  In all honesty, I have to say that is the best it has ever been.


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