Thank you Bertie

In 2006/7, I made a series of dvds based on John J Graham’s poem….

Whaar’ll I in Winter dwell?
Whaar’ll I in Voar dell?
Whaar’ll I in Simmer fare?
Whaar’ll I in Hairst shair?

Voar – Spring
Simmer – Summer
Hairst – Autumn

After making the first dvd, it became apparently clear that I needed someone to narrate this poem plus a few others.  I chose Vagaland’s poems for some of my films.  Vagaland lived in my village of Walls ( and his poetry is considered some of the best in traditional Shetland dialect.


Bertie Jamieson was the obvious choice.  He was retired, having once run a spinning mill in Sandness – – amongst other occupations.  His passions were local history, his vintage car and poetry.  He was one of those people who was fascinating to talk to and knew everything and everyone – much loved too and he had a twinkle in his eye.


He died a month back and I will remember him when I asked him to come and read for my films.  He arrived in his lovely car, sat down in our recording studio (aka the sitting room) and off he went.

Bertie’s voice reading the poems lifted my small films up to another level.  We recorded about 10 poems by Vagaland and then he made a request……

Would we record his poems for posterity?  We said of course.  It was the least we could do and my OH spent many hours doing this with him.  His poems were superb.  He was very modest about them and wanted the recording only for himself and his family. 


4 thoughts on “Thank you Bertie

  1. Linda

    I think I have this entire collection, courtesy of a mutual friend – (thanks Tom!)
    They really are beautiful. And then there are other videos of yours featuring a certain ginger pony, and fine music with that one too.


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