Today, I decided to drive the car.  I had a shot yesterday and found it didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would and yes, I could do an emergency stop.  So, off I drove.  The weather has been very curate’s egg – good, bad and very very fast.  It changes in minutes.


I love driving around.  Even the local routes have much to see.


The neighbour’s ponies were being unforgiveable.  I hate it when they do this to the fences.  I usually set BeAnne onto mine but I didn’t have her in the car. I also didn’t think it would be “a good thing” to set Her Maj onto someone else’s ponies!


I met up with some friends for lunch (yes, I am Café society) in the local church.  They make the best soup, bacon rolls and cake!  Hmmmm….. whoever made that Victoria sponge can live in my kitchen.


Then I made the most of my freedom and drove about looking for good waves.  A normal Shetland day, Gale Force something.


I saw a strange coloured wild bunny.  This are a few of them about and I suspect pet rabbits have made it into the local population.  We also have Myxomatosis, which is horrible.


My neighbour’s Shetland ponies looked amazing against the background of the stormy sea.

BN2A2556 BN2A2564

I drove to Dale Beach where Foula sits bang in the middle.  Did you know that down in this sea is the sister ship to the Titanic – RMS Oceanic – – it went down on 8 September 1914?


And then I became obsessed with waves.  Where did the blue colour hide?  The sea was grey and stormy. I took many photos just to capture that magical ocean blue.

BN2A2611  BN2A2673   BN2A2688 BN2A2690 BN2A2700 BN2A2709 BN2A2713

I sat in my little car and watched the sea for a while.  It was incredible.  All that enormous force.


And then I drove home again.


Golly, it is good to be out.

6 thoughts on “Freedom!

  1. Celeste

    Hurrah! So glad to hear you can drive. Not the same as riding but sure beats laying around. Those photos are fantastic! I am knitting a vest with colors of the Shetland sea and coast and these inspire me. Gorgeous! Bad weather can also be beautiful.

  2. Michelle

    We have good storms, rocks and waves on the Oregon (USA) coast as well. We’re not quite as close to it as you are to yours, though; thanks for the fix!

  3. Linda

    Well done Frances! It’s very thought-provoking seeing the gray, gray ocean with the beautiful teal color in the cresting waves. Love these photos and the ones from today too. Does everyone in Shetland have a requisite dozen dwarfs – I mean ponies?? xoxo


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