PBSA Youngstock Show 2017

Today was Show Day.  The Pony Breeders of Shetland Association (PBSA) held their annual Youngstock Show at the Shetland Rural Centre, Staneyhill, Lerwick.

I know this because it was bloody freezing and threatening to rain – perfect show weather then!


So, I went along, taking some Shetland ponies along for a friend.

It’s always good to have a day out and I thoroughly enjoyed myself seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

The Youngstock Show has evolved over the years into a big show with large classes maintaining a high standard as well.

The classes took part in the indoor part of the Marts or the Rural Centre, as it seems to be known these days.  Before the classes, the ponies waited outside in pens.

There was one ring with ten classes as well as the Youngstock Champion and Reserve Champion. Everyone presented their ponies to the judge, walked and then ran up and down the ring showing off gaits and conformation.

Being a Youngstock Show, every pony was über floofy.

These two foals haven’t seen each other since being weaned a few month’s back.  They were very happy to be back together again, albeit briefly.

As well as the serious and important side of showing, children (or young handlers) are very much encouraged to participate.

There is nothing better than the smile of a young Shetland pony handler.

This pony is a total saint!

And then afterwards, the statutory sandcastles made out of the arena shavings.

So a good day in all. I won two things in the mandatory raffle – a wax jacket (it fitted, it will be very useful) and a bottle of white wine (it will be drunk;  again, it will be very useful).

As I said, a good day out.

6 thoughts on “PBSA Youngstock Show 2017

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Lovely photographs as usual, Frances! The ponies are so cuddly and looked remarkably well behaved for youngsters. Thank you.

  2. Linda

    “Uber floofy” indeed! Looks like they all had the same hair stylist? 😉
    I really have no words for how sweet all these photos are, Frances.


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