Super Sheeples

The Shetland Winter skies are beautiful.

Cold, but beautiful.  Today we had our first frost and, although this looks like nothing, I took this photo in the afternoon and the ice still had not vanished.

Anywho, I thought you might be interested to see how Puzzah and his new-to-him sheeple friends are getting on.

Well, we have had a few blips (mostly of the butting variety which have resulted in a swift kicked arse) but Puzzah is coming along fine.

He learns.  He wants to do right (all positive) and he acknowledges my fury at his ill-educated behaviour so I think there is hope.

To his credit, Puzzah is good with the other boys.  I would not tolerate bullying – I have a contingency plan if he is a bully (Leradale).

They all seem very happy together.  Even son and heir, who today favours the gormless look!

You gotta love Les Boyzenberries.

They are so comfortable in their lives – and any addition/change is taken in their stride because, well, Muzzah says so.

The Boyzens all came home in the late afternoon – at night, they live outside around the house  where there are sheds to go to bed in.  Today, Puzzah wasn’t listening when I called them home.

So I sat on a rock and waited.

Lambie came up to talk and smile (there may have also been some secret hugging).

Sheep are very underestimated.   They have so much to say.

And then to the front door for the daily carrot supper.  Check out Lambie’s Winning Smile.

Mostly, the carrots are for Puzzah, who is very keen.  He needs extra.

And here we are, a few weeks on, and Puzzah is a fully paid up member of The Boyzenberries.

I do love my sheepie-boys.   Yes, they are a bit of work but so worthwhile.

5 thoughts on “Super Sheeples

  1. Louise Stopford

    Loved today’s post. That first photo of Shetland’s winter sky is out of this world and those boys, well what can I say, they are all gorgeous. So glad Puzzah has settled in with the other 3. A few blips here and there, well that’s nothing, he will soon learn who the boss is – You.

  2. Linda

    Thank you for the update – I love those guys too!
    Puzzah has such magnificent horns, and who could resist that smile of Lambie’s?

    P.S. I am a total homebody – we’ve got to stick together, right? 😉

  3. Cathy

    Puzzah is a seriously handsome boy. I’m so glad he’s settling in. Well, apart from the swift kick to his nether regions. Very much deserved considering the size of those horns!

  4. Nancy

    I love Puzzah’s horns(?)! They give him a wonderful “older father” look, if that is possible! ha ha!

    No one is cuter than Lambie!


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