Packing for Road Trip

Today Monster went into a decline…..

…. while Daisy and I were very busy.

Obviously we had a helper (just look at that Winning Smile).

There was construction.

Some jiggery-pokery, which involved baler twine (but of course; doesn’t everything?)

Then the gaffer tape (where would we all be without baler twine and gaffer tape?)

Monster woke up and surveyed our work in a mixture of disgust, dread and unhelpfulness.

So the car is all packed now.

And we are ready to go south, for one day, to collect …..

… this little sossage (photo from when I first saw her)!

We are taking both sisters north, and giving the black one to a friend while keeping the black/tan one for ourselves.  A name – no idea.  Any thoughts?

We are all very excited (bar Monster).  Happy days ahead.  It is time.

Town for Food

It has rained for most of the day and some of us have run out of food (or gin).  So, leaving Daisy with Minion duty, I drove off to town.  Daisy opened the gate and gave eight very happy Minions (apparently there was cantering) the last of the big field.

The first task was to fit two bales of straw into my little car.  I had brought an old double duvet cover with me and told the man at the hay store “it was a challenge”. I can reliably say that two bales of straw fit perfectly into a double duvet cover and then into my little Honda Jazz boot.

Afterwards, a visit to the feed store which is situated next to the livestock auctions.

Lots of baa’ing around and I went over to investigate.

I would’ve taken them all home and had to force myself to go on with my messages telling myself they wouldn’t all fit in the car.  Not with all that straw.

The street was busy today – lots of folk around and I managed to ignore everyone I knew as I hadn’t got my glasses on.  My life was a myopic blur.

Note the Shetland flag in the street bunting.

Actually one of the reasons I was in town was to stock up my little field.  I had received a phone call yesterday saying it was looking a bit empty.

Not anymore!

It is getting hard to keep up to supply the demand. There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

At the moment, OH is working off-island for a few days.

This means that a certain someone has been suffering greatly.

However, it does free up some time for the important things.

Like relaxing

and recharging

and searching the property for OH.

(“Papa, can you hear me?”).

He’s even started to channel OH’s hobbies in the hope that it will bring him back sooner, such as embracing a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle…

and watching/being the TV.


Until OH’s eventual return, he waits. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Let’s hope it’s reciprocated…because who would love this?






Sometimes, if it is dry and I have time, I will put my old coat down on the ground and sit on it to talk to any Minions who want a chat or a hug.

Some want to talk and others – today it was Newt, Albie and Storm – want to just “minion”, ie investigate, be hugged, noseys kissed and eat me or my coat.

I am considered fair game and as long as there are no real teefs (ie, not even a feel), then I love spending time with them.


They are (mostly) good boys and never step on my feet or legs – just politely walking around me.

Obviously gently investigated first.

Actually, I do trust them.  When there has been a sudden something, they have jumped away or over rather than onto me.

While Albie just wanted hugging, Newt helpfully stood on my coat. I was going nowhere.

I spent a peaceful 20 minutes being gently nuzzled and lightly groomed.  I could’ve stayed there all day.



Annoying Little Ponies

A foggy day today, while the rest of Britain appears to be basking in an Indian Summer.

Ho hum, I don’t like the heat much anyway but to see the sun would be nice.

Today everyone, except for Waffle and Tiddles, were mooching around waiting for me.

And then I watched the boys being silly, which made me smile.  I can’t decide who is the worst – Storm for being an idiot (with a very nice trot), Albie for always annoying someone (today it was Fivla’s turn), Silver for not helping anyone or Newt who reverses into his so-called friends so he can give them both barrels.

Funny, silly billies. I do ❤️ them.