Not Speaking to Vitamin

I’m not speaking to Vitamin.

It is going to rain all night and she won’t let me put her rainsheet on.  The one she’s worn all winter without any fuss at all.

I tried very hard to catch her but she was having none of it – too busy running away from me.

And she knew exactly what she was doing.  It was a game to her and she didn’t care.

I had put Fivla’s rug on beforehand, which actually is the more necessary as these days Fivla feels the cold and hates rain.

At one stage, I stupidly put Vitamin’s rug on the ground so I could approach the old bat without her rug.  A rookie mistake.  Albie and Waffle started “helping”.  *** sigh ***. Once I had gone back to extracate the rug from Waffle’s teeth, Vitamin was long gone.

Usually, I just put the rug on and I don’t need a headcollar to catch anyone.  The old ladies are used my routine and are very patient while I do up all the straps and buckles.

So Vitamin knew exactly what I wanted to do.

However, I did manage to drape her rug on but, nope, Vitamin was off.

And, as none of the straps were done up, the rug fell off and Vitamin galloped away bare nekkid again.

I think everyone was just in a silly mood.

And despite telling myself I would not give up because I hate giving up, I swiftly realised I was not going to win this battle and gave up.

So I went and told Fivla that I loved her most and she was happy with this.

Sometimes Vitamin can be a right old cowbag – Vitamoobag then.  Still, I thought to myself, she did move very well for an old pony of 30 – as I watched her disappear into the distance, rugless.

5 thoughts on “Not Speaking to Vitamin

  1. Sam

    Naughty pony! But then all the work you put into her with the rugs and buckets have paid off for her to run and giggle like that at 30.

  2. M in NC

    Next time Miss-V gets her dander up, read her the weather forecast in your best BBC voice. At least that way she has been warned… and make sure she sees Fivla getting some extras !! 😉 Attention/treats ….

    M in NC

  3. Judith Garbutt

    It must have been sooo frustrating but it did make me smile! They’re such characters. Fingers crossed that the weather isn’t too bad.


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