Today, Some Portraits!

Some photos from my wanderings around with my iPhone on Portrait Mode, which I now love.

The Prettiest Fairy Pony in the Whole World (and, yes, I would fight you on that).


Darling Maggie


Edna in pensive mood


Edna’s daughter, Madge, who is mad as a box of frogs.  She is sporting the attached stick look. I could no more get near her to remove it than actually take flight.  She will have to live with her life choice.


Harrel-the-Barrel with his Honest-You-Should-Buy-This-Car face (and we all would. So you know, it wouldn’t come with wheels – they’re extra. He ate them!)


The luscious ‘Ster who was just too gorgeous to ignore.


Darling ‘Bert came up. plonked himself down near me and promptly went to sleep.  We will not think “beached whale”.  Just one perfect moorit (the colour) sheep is what he is.


And lastly, but by no means leastly on the sheep front, Lambie – so handsome.


Dearest Pepperpot was of course my shadow all day.


Kolka who is busy losing her winter coloured coat.  This is her Zorro look.


Iacs, who is also known as Bibble, Bible, Bubble, Bobble… or anything else autocorrect can come up with when I’m texting his owner, Daisy.


And, lastly, Haakon – Iacs’ cousin and my beloved horse.  A wise old bird.


7 thoughts on “Today, Some Portraits!

  1. Suzanne Kelly

    Thank you for sharing this delightful portraits! While I find all of the animals sweet and beautiful, there is something particularly endearing about little Lambie.

  2. darby callahan

    These are so beautiful. People will often use the word sheep or sheeplike to describe individuals who look, act and think alike. Clearly you have shown to the world that untruth. Each animal has their own uniqueness and specialness, their own particular beauty and character.

  3. Colleen McNamara

    Thank you for the wonderful pictures. Each their own personality and individualism shines through ( even Bert in repose. That boy knows where he is safe, and loved. ) . Hope your back is being kind to you today.

  4. Kendra Preston Leonard

    What wonderful portraits! Fivla is indeed the Prettiest Fairy Pony in the Whole World.


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