Beginning to Thaw

The snow is, at last, thinking about thawing.  While it is gradually getting warmer, there is a storm heading our way, so we are trying to stuff food into as many horses, ponies, sheep, etc as possible to get them through the grim weekend ahead.  We are all exhausted – people and animals.

Anywho, in between lugging haynets, buckets of food and water (not enough thaw to defrost any outside pipes, however), BeAnne told me she wanted to go for a walk and set off, with or without me.

This is her enthusiastic start.

And then her determined little bottom, going home. Like I said with, or without me!  A terrier wants what a terrier wants.

I wanted to take some photos of Clothie in the snow as I thought they would look rather good in black and white so I followed the sheep tracks in the hill ……

It is all still very beautiful.

And then I popped by to gaze in admiration at Taktur’s beauty and Efstur came up for a chat.

Now off to learn how to make jiaozi (dumplings) now for a belated Chinese New Year.  Exhausting, I tell you.

More Begging

We are always being watched.


All the time.

(Efstur and Dreki)

Oh yes.

Some are a bit more subtle than others.


Our every move is noted and clocked.

(Oh, Taktur is just sooooo handsome)

The boys could see Daisy lugging their tea down to another field.

So off they all traipsed.

In a long line.

Meanwhile I took BeAnne for a wee potter up the track.  Today was an athletic day for her. She took herself off for two little “walks”, with me escorting. I tell myself that if exercise is what she wants, then off we jolly well go.  We don’t go far.  I don’t know how much she can see now, either.  Sometimes I think she has selective deafness too.

As we were coming home, I could see Flossie was being strictly “supervised”.

It feels like we have done a lot of lugging this winter.  The girls are brilliant.

The Feed-Me Face

A snowy morning that didn’t bring out the best in me.  Lilja kicked over her bucket and I lost my temper.

After guarding the two mares so they could eat in peace – I told Lilja she could bloody well eat off the floor, though I did try and pick up most of it – I was followed around the field by this little irk.

Newt: “Feed me”
Me (feeling for a non-existent rib): “No!”

Newt: “Feed me, please”
Me: “No!”

Flossie was dishing out carrots (3 each, all counted out) and had put the hay out in little piles too.

But Newt wanted food, real food.

He was holding out to have what Fivla was having.

A nice sloppy bucket of grub.

She was very happy.

if slightly revolting!

A felt a tug behind me….. Another one.

Storm: “Feed me”
Me (feeling for a rib): “No!”

They have hay. Loads of hay. I know because Floss and I lugged 3 haynets down the track for them.

He’s in my dreams.
Newt: “Feed me”
Me: “No!”

My Worry List

These two get a daily bucket now because they are youngsters. I worry about them.

And today we started Fivla on a bucket too as I noticed her spitting her hay out (quidding) yesterday.  She is having problems eating the hay and, as the snow is going nowhere, she needs topping up.  She was very pleased with her bucket and managed it with no quidding.  I am not sure what else to do as Fivla saw our equine dentist a few month’s back and she is old.  We will keep her happy and the weight on.  I am now worrying about her too.

Also added to my list of worries is BeAnne.  She is deteriorating slowly again, both mentally and physically.  I noticed today that her pee was green in the snow, so her liver is not good.

Still, we went for our daily trundle and the Boyzens asked to come too.

The snow in the hill is too deep and icy so we are on the track these days.

We reached the top and turned around again for home.

I have spoken to the vet. BeAnne will start antibiotics again and let’s pray that perks her up.

Once home, Monster came out to meet us.  He was very intrigued with my little car.

Possibly a bit too intrigued.  I will add my car’s brakes to my Worry List.  It never stops.

A little game for this afternoon – spot the cat!

I hate having old animals.  Everyone is breaking my heart right now.

Klængur’s Talent

It is much lighter in the mornings, what with the snow and now we are heading for the longest day (a little way away but who cares – we are now the “right side” of winter).

One of my morning jobs is to take the old men their bucket feed, first carefully portioned out by Daisy according to their dietary requirements.

Today Iacs finished early and went to wait for Floss to arrive with the hay.  He is not stupid enough to come and annoy Haakon.  He knows what will happen.  Haakon relies on me to keep the “vultures” away.

Meanwhile, Klængur amused himself by playing with his bucket.  He does this every day.  It’s his thing. It makes me laugh.

Although the Old Men have a spring that runs through their field, we like them to also have access to a large trough of fresh water as well – the spring can get easily covered over in the snow and they forget to drink.

We break the ice daily and remove as much as possible with our hands, piling it up on the edge.  It is painful work for us as it can’t be done with gloves on (I can’t grip the ice to get it out). There is lots of swearing and hopping up and down trying to quickly dry and warm hands again).

I hope this lot appreciate what we do for them.

The proof is that they all look very good this winter.

Today Klængur excelled himself and went for the two bucket pick-up!

I told him he was a clever boy!

And then Floss came over with the morning’s hay.  All eyes were on her and everyone was very happy to see her.

Winter is very hard work especially when it snows.